The Mock ONE: Worlds ONLY Compact Framed Hammock

Created by Republic Of Durable Goods

All the benefits of a hammock and the protection of a tent with the portability of a quad chair, the Mock ONE gives you comfort and relaxation anywhere and anytime.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

SUPER Update - The shipment is on the WATER!
20 days ago – Wed, May 01, 2019 at 12:42:34 AM

Hello friends, backers, and cool people!

First of all, thank you for your patience as spring has sprung and you still don’t have your Mock ONEs.   We have just received an update and your products are ON THE SHIP  in two large shipping containers.  Production is complete! The packaging is complete! The logistics are complete! Now, all we need to do is wait for the ship to get here!

Mocks in a box
Mocks in a box

All the products are a ship headed to our distribution center in Los Angeles!!  It will take three weeks on the water to get to the port of Long Beach, spend a couple of days to clear customs, and one short drive to the warehouse where it should be a very quick turn around to ship out to you. Good news is they are pre-labeled with FedEx shipping information, so as we receive them in the warehouse and we will hand them over to the carrier as fast as possible.  So, we are looking at late May now (May 27-31) to get to your door.  

Thanks again for your patience and perseverance, your Mock ONEs are coming soon!


Mock ONE - the good, bad, and ugly.
about 1 month ago – Mon, Apr 08, 2019 at 02:08:19 AM

Hello friends, backers, and founders of the Republic of Durable Goods,

Just want to thank you again for backing the Mock ONE and helping to launch the Republic of Durable Goods.  As we bring this product to market we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of online retail.  We’ve seen the GOOD side from our crowdfunding campaigns, with such a great response and support from our amazing Backers and Pre-orders (you, our Founders), seen the BAD side by dealing with production issues and shipping delays, and now we are seeing the UGLY side, being used as BAIT in a SCAM website. 

But, we are more excited than ever to bring this amazing product to you!  Below is the story of what’s been going on…

The completion of the production order has been taking the factory longer than expected, and we are now looking at late April/early May delivery.  But it IS on the way.  The factory is assembling the SETS and will be shipping to the warehouse within the next few days.  These delays suck, and we really hate giving this news to our backers, but please understand that we are doing all we can to finish this production order and get the orders out to you!  We want to get this product out as much as you want to be the first to use it!  You WILL BE hanging out in your Mock ONE soon.  

You may have seen OUR ads on Facebook and Instagram for a website selling our Compact Folding Hammock for a too-good-to-be-true price of $45.  It is a SCAM!  This website is NOT affiliated with us.  They DO NOT have the one-and-only Mock ONE Compact Folding Hammock and are taking people’s money with NO INTENTION of fulfilling the order.  They are RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!  Look closely at the reviews - they are for another brand’s TREE hammock (the Mock ONE does not attach to trees).  Try to contact the customer service - the delivery fails, it is a fake address.  It is a scam.

We have been made aware of this SCAM website and have been doing all we can to stop these predators (stopped their FB and IG ads, filed a complaint with the F.T.C., sent Cease and Desist letters to every email and address attached to the website, and took down the linked videos so they can’t play our video), but they continue to “sell” our product on their site.  With their ads shut down, we don’t expect the site to be around much longer.  It will disappear and all the people that ordered the product will either report it to their credit card company as a fraudulent charge (best thing to do), just forget about it and lose their money, or come to us demanding the product that they ordered.  Not cool.  But we will deal.

We are working our butts off to get the Mock ONE out to the market and Make Happy and there are SO MANY OBSTACLES!  But, sometimes the best views come after the most difficult paths.  Thanks for believing in us and backing the one-and-only Mock ONE Compact Folding Hammock.  It will be in your hands soon, and we can’t wait to see where you will Mock!

Mock ONE - coming soon
2 months ago – Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 02:31:21 AM

Hello Friends, Backers, and cool people of the Republic of Durable Goods.

-15F in Minneapolis MN
-15F in Minneapolis MN

Spring is approaching and your Mock ONE is coming soon... here is an update.   During our last update explained putting a hold production to replace a defect part (non-critical elastic bands) on the Mock ONE frame. This delay was required to make sure we deliver a product that you will be super proud to say that you helped launch! Thank you for your patience and your support!

So... the factories got back to work at the end of February after the CNY holiday. Manufacturing of the new and improved elastic bands took a bit longer than expected to complete. Our factory just started replacing all of the elastic bands in the Mock ONEs last week. All 4000 pieces are scheduled to be completed next week. YAHOO!  The next step is to load it on the cargo ship. It takes about 3 weeks on the ship to reach our warehouse, where we will be sorting and shipping out to our Backers. 

Last time we mentioned shipping starting late March / early April, now we are looking more like mid-late April. We know you are super excited to get your Mock ONEs and are chomping at the bit to get out there and see where you can Mock. We are also! Your Mock ONEs are coming soon and will be better than ever! 

In the meantime… just for our backers, Jason made a couple videos of the Mock ONE set-up and take down with some additional tips and info along the way. Check them out on YouTube by clicking on the images below. We may make more of these “tips and info” videos if you'd like.  Just "like" the videos so we know that you want more.

Thank you, again, for supporting the Republic of Durable Goods and for backing the Mock ONE! We will send another update when the production order has been completed and is loaded on the boat, which will be in a few weeks.  Your Mock ONEs will be delivered to you in April.  Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Please, for whatever reason, if you have additional questions reach out here or contact us at

Important Update
4 months ago – Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 11:55:15 PM

Hello backers, friends, and cool people,

Production is nearly completed and everything is looking really good.  The team in Nanjing wants to share a few photos, of each color option,  hot off the production line.



As Mock ONE’s were coming off the production line we have been checking random samples to perform quality and durability tests. Our promise is to make the most durable goods possible! It’s in our name! 

During these tests we discovered an issue with a small piece of elastic that was fraying when opening and closing the Mock ONE…BLARGH! 



The purpose of the elastic is to keep the sidebars attached to the frame when in storage.  On some frames, we found the elastic would start to fray after 10-20 uses. This elastic is not a critical component and has nothing to do with the strength and safety of the Mock ONE, but it is a whole lot easier to use with the elastic. 

Through multiple exhausting days of testing and quality audits, we discovered the elastic used in production was not the same quality we specified in our ‘bill of materials’. Because this elastic is vulnerable, we are holding production to re-source the elastic bands and replace this part. 



Reworking all production units will only take a couple weeks to correct, but February is the Chinese New Year holiday. It’s a month-long 4300-year-old traditional celebration. During this time nearly everyone in China returns to their hometowns, spends time with extended family and friends, and celebrates with fireworks, traditional lanterns, and delicious food. While we are envious of such a long holiday, it really sucks for our delivery timing...BLARGH!

The factory will be up and running again at the end of February and completing the production order. Shipping it to our warehouse will take about 4 weeks, which moves our timing to ship Mock ONEs to our backers in late March to early April...BLARGH!

We are just as bummed out as you are that our production order is delayed, this certainly does not MAKE HAPPY!  The whole team at the Republic of Durable Goods apologizes for pushing back our delivery schedule again. We have been completely transparent here so you are aware of the issues that come up when bringing this new product to market.  

Thanks for your understanding and for helping launch the Mock ONE into the world.


The Republic Team


Production has started!
5 months ago – Thu, Jan 03, 2019 at 12:48:16 AM

Greetings People of the Republic of Durable Goods:



Chris, RODG founder, just returned from a week-long trip to China to test the product and inspect production. He took a taxi, to a plane, to a taxi, to train, to a taxi, to a car to finally arrive in Nanjing, China. As always we enjoy visiting and working with the talented people we are developing our products with. We want to remind everyone, they are not just partners, but owners in the company and backing this project supports a global exchange of goods, ideas, and innovations.




You can see the team inspecting the Mock’Squito Net on the rooftop of our office in Nanjing. We are pictured wearing coats because it was 35 degrees out. Nothing stops our development. In the second picture, you can see 1,430 ft high Zifeng Tower in the background from the top of the office. This space is often used to test tents and tarps in environmental conditions such as rain, wind, snow, and cold.





In our last update, we mentioned changing some of the plastic molded parts to make them stronger. This picture might explain is the Mock with 485 lbs resting in the hammock. We left the Mock ONE there for an 1 hour with just under a ¼ ton of weight in it! Then I sat in it for a few minutes to just to prove it was secure. So add in my weight (180 lbs) and you have the Mock ONE supporting 665 lbs!!! WOW! 


Additionally, another test was to repeatedly drop 225 lbs from 6 inches above the surface of the hammock to make sure nothing would break. It seemed could have repeated dropped the weight forever without destroying the Mock ONE….so, we stopped after 30 minutes. 

Also, do not try this at home. It was for product lifecycle and durability testing.






Pictured above is our factory and below it is a picture of the orange hammock fabric with the Republic of Durable Goods logo in reflective ink. Just one of the many fabrics Chris saw in our factory getting ready for production. Now, that the Mock ONE passed a series of lifecycle tests and we have approved materials, we are happy to say "PRODUCTION HAS STARTED!"



Just in time too, with Chinese New Years coming up at the end of January when factories close for 3 weeks. We plan to have all your products on an ocean freighter before January 28th when celebrations begin. We will update everyone when ocean shipping starts.

Enjoy the start of 2019 and this will be a great year in your Mock ONE!

Cheers Chris and Jason

Make Happy!